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New Music Out July 8th!

This is my very second post on the blog. A wise Japanese musician told me recently, blogs are more important than social media because blogs leave a history of your trodden footsteps. Reflecting on this statement, it's true. It's like writing a diary. That feeling when you pick up that diary in a several years and reflecting on what you have written. Will try to get on the blog and write more, from now on... 継続は力なり.... will see how I go!

So since April I have been wading through the music world in Japan. I am excited to announce that a new music video filmed in Tokyo Bay, re-recorded, and remixed in Tokyo Bay will come out on July 8th - premier on YouTube 10am Japan time. The song will also go live on all streaming services too. Would love to see you all at the premier. Please save this date !!

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